EMEP/MSC-W modelled gridded SR relationships

Yearly grid-to-grid source-receptor calculations by country for deposition of sulphur and nitrogen, and concentrations of ozone (O3) and particulate matter (PM) are available from this page covering the EMEP grid for the years 2003-2013 as reported in 2005-2015, respectively. Calculations for the different years were done with different versions of the EMEP/MSC-W model, emissions and meteorological drivers, except for the recalculations (rep2009).

In 2009, a consistent set of SR trend runs were created for the years 1997-2006 using the same EMEP/MSC-W model version (3.1) for each year.

Since 2011, for ozone fluxes, the term POD (phyto-toxic ozone dose) has replaced the older AFstY term and the new threshold for generic deciduous forests is 1 (nmoles/m2/s), hence POD1, which replaces the older 1.6 value. Therefore there are two options for ozone fluxes below: AFst1.6genDF for O3 fluxes ->2008 and POD1genDF for O3 fluxes 2009->.

Instructions on how to retrieve the data from below can be found in the User Guide. An overview of definitions and acronyms for the different components can be found here. Information about references for the data are found below the data selection.

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The emissions used for the yearly model calculations have been derived from each years official data submissions to CEIP emission database/UNECE CLRTAP and are documented in the appendix of the EMEP Status Reports listed below.