The EMEP grid

  Detailed description  
  Map of the extended 50 km grid used from 2008 (eps format)  
  Map of the 50 km grid used between 1997 and 2008 (pdf format)  
  Map of the 150 km grid used between 1984 and 1997  
  Interactive program to convert longitude/latitude coordinates to EMEP grid cells and vice versa. Just type your numbers in the corresponding fields below:
  Fortran library for EMEP grid interpolation and coordinate conversion from the EMEP grid to longitude/latitude including documentation: interpol.tar.gz  
  The freely available program Proj.4 can also be used to convert from our projection to a large range of other projections. Please use the following proj-parameters:
# earth radius is 6370/50=127.4
proj +ellps=sphere +a=127.4 +e=0 +proj=stere +lat_0=90 +lon_0=-32 +lat_ts=60 +x_0=8 +y_0=110
  Text file containing geographical co-ordinates and area of each grid cell: (zip-file) or EMEPgrid.txt.gz (size 953 kB)
Please note that the files are not yet updated for the extended 50 km grid, i.e. grid cells with j > 122 are currently not listed in the files.
  Text file defining the fraction (in percent) of grid cells belonging to a particular country:
The file structure is the following: EMEP country codes, EMEP grid x coordinate, EMEP grid y coordinate, fraction of country within grid cell. (Last update: 26.11.2008, including the extension of the EMEP domain.)
  Text file linking EMEP ISO codes to EMEP country/area codes and country/area names:

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