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High Resolution Environmental Modelling and Evaluation Programme for Croatia

Main objectives

The main purpose of this project is to develop and test an operative framework for environmental control of air pollution problems in Croatia. The project will allow for a stable long-term development of Croatia's scientific modelling capacity to support the design of environmental protection strategies. In particular, the main objectives of this project involve:

  1. the development of high resolution emission inventories of air pollutants in Croatia and in selected urban areas
  2. the implementation and further development of a high-resolution unique version of the Eulerian EMEP Unified chemical transport model for use in Croatia
  3. the development of a new capability for the assessment of urban air quality in main Croatian cities
  4. the evaluation and testing of the new modeling capability according to international standards as a pilot project for other countries in the West Balkan area
  5. the support to Croatian authorities to meet the requirements from the new EU legislation on air quality

This project will allow Croatian experts to produce their own assessments of air quality at national and at urban level, evaluate the national consequences of proposed international environmental control options, analyse the effect of future emission scenarios and identify new instruments for implementation of the air quality standards in Croatia. The research work will be carried out as a contribution to the UNECE Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution and serve as a pilot project to develop the air pollution modelling capacities in the Eastern Mediterranean and West Balkan region. This project will facilitate the integration of Croatia to conform with European Community air quality regulations.



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