Old EMEP MSC-W modelled data

The depositions of sulphur (S) and nitrogen (N), and air concentrations of ozone (O3) and particulate matter (PM) available here are calculated with the EMEP MSC-W model as earlier reported in the annual EMEP status reports.

  • Gridded data and national totals

    • Gridded data on NetCDF format
      Earlier reported yearly, monthly, daily and hourly gridded data for years 2000-2014 is available on EMEP grid (50x50 km2) and for latest years (2013 and 2015) is available on the new EMEP 0.1º x 0.1º longitude-latitude grid.

    • National totals and Gridded data on html,ASCII format
      Earlier reported yearly national totals (html, ASCII) and gridded (ASCII, Graphical map(PNG)) data on EMEP grid (50x50 km2) are provided for years 1980, 1985, 1990 and 1995-2014.


  • SR country-to-country tables and country-to-grid data

    • SR Tables
      Earlier reported yearly country-to-country source-receptor matrices for years since 1997 are available as Excel compatible tables (.xls/.csv).

    • Country-to-grid data
      Earlier reported calculated source-receptor relationship data which describe the contribution from different countries to pollution over the whole EMEP grid (50x50 km2) are available for years 1997-2014. The data can be obtained per country/area as ASCII files or graphic maps (PNG).
    Figure1: Deposition of NOx from Germany in 2004