Earlier reported EMEP MSC-W calculated SR country tables

The depositions of sulphur (S) and nitrogen (N), and air concentrations of ozone (O3) and particulate matter (PM) available here are calculated with the EMEP MSC-W model as earlier reported in the annual EMEP status reports.

Data produced by EMEP MSC-W are licensed under Norwegian license for public data (NLOD) and Creative Commons 4.0 BY International. Credit should be given to The Norwegian Meteorological institute, shortened "MET Norway", as the source of data. Some suggestions: "Data from The Norwegian Meteorological Institute", "Based on data from MET Norway".




Types of model calculations

As the EMEP MSC-W model calculations are changing with time, not only because of EMEP MSC-W model updates, but also due to modifications of the input data (e.g. revised emission data and meteorology). In broad terms, two types of model results can be distinguished:

Model results of Type2 should be preferred when doing trend analyses.




Acidification and Eutrophication

Ground Level Ozone

Particulate matter

Additional Particulate matter (only 2011)

Fine Sulphate

Fine Ammonium

Fine and Coarse Nitrate

Fine and Coarse Elemental Carbon



Model versions used


Meteorological drivers



The emissions used for the yearly model calculations have been derived from each years official data submissions to CEIP emission database/UNECE CLRTAP and are documented in the appendix of the EMEP Status Reports listed below.



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